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Palletizing Robot

Palletizing Robot

The automatic palletizing systems of the xPal series have been designed to adapt to the specific needs of end-of-line plants of every manufacturing company (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, paper industry, etc.), allowing the automatic palletizing of boxes, packs, bags, rims, rolls of paper, panels and any other product that can be palletized.

Our systems, made by palletizers robots, are extremely flexible because they are composed of modular elements that allow, depending on the type of assembly, the management from one to five input lines and the relative palletization on pallets present on a maximum of five output lines.

The automatic palletizerss of the xPal series interface in a native way with the innovative BoxOnPallet palletizing software that allows to create, in a fast and extremely simple way, professional and highly optimized load plans. The load patterns obtained by BoxOnPallet can then be sent to the robot Palletizer xPal in a few moments. In this way the production stops for the format change are reduced to no more than a few seconds, making the Palletizing cell suitable also for the management of small batches of production.

The palletizing systems xPal have self-diagnostic functions for the instant recognition of any faults or impediments to the production cycle: when the fault occurs, the operator is warned with a sound notification and a message with the description of the failure appears on the monitor.

Palletizing Software BoxOnPallet



Maximum pallet size:

1700 x 1700 x 2800 [mm]

Minimum pallet size:

600 x 400 [mm]

Full speed:

6000 [pcs/hour]

Pallet change time:

9 [s]


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