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Artificial Vision Systems and Robot Guides

Vision System
Vision System

The main purpose of xVision artificial vision systems is to reproduce human vision, transforming the real 3D world view into a numerical representation, suitable for computer Management. The interpretation of the content of the examined area and the subsequent mathematical elaborations allow to create decision models that can be used for various purposes:

  • Classification
  • Control
  • Selection
  • Robot Guide

In the realization of artificial vision systems we use our engineering, which includes studies in many disciplines both of a humanistic nature and of a scientific nature (such as automation, optics, electronics, physics, computer science, math and mechanics).


The in-depth technical knowledge, the use of the best components worldwide and the experience gained in years of activity in the sector, allow us to offer our customers systems of visions at the top of technology, designed for ease of use, flexibility and reliability. Main features of the product are:

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