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Packaging Robot with Vision System

Packaging Robot with Vision System
Packaging Robot with Vision System

The packaging systems of the xFlexVis series are extremely performing and flexible because they are composed of robots inserted in modular elements that allow, depending on the type of assembly, the management from one to 255 cells put in series. They are also equipped with one, two or more cameras that allow the control of the incoming product (position, speed, orientation, etc.) and of the containers (trays, boxes, thermoformed, etc.).

With working speed that can reach 80 pcs/min, the packaging robots with vision system perfectly adapt to the needs of the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metalworking, automotive, textile indistries, etc.

The choice of production formats takes place directly on the workstation, in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to the xSpeedPack packaging software. The operator can activate in just a few seconds seconds one of the thousands of formats that can be stored in the internal database: the extreme speed of format change, therefore, makes our packaging plants suitable also for the management of small production batches.

In a completely automatic and transparent way to the operator, the software also deals with the calculation of the robot trajectories, the path optimization (also depending on the eventual conveyor tracking) and the determination of the position most suitable for the deposit. In the configuration with several packaging cells in series on the same line, the software also optimizes the picking of individual cells in order to guarantee maximum efficiency of the plant by means of the appropriate distribution of the product among the various robots.

Software di pallettizzazione BoxOnPallet



Packaging cell size:

1250 x 1250 x 2500 [mm]

Packaging full speed:

80 [pcs/min]

Minimum interval between products:

0.5 [sec]

Average format change time:

1 [min]


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